The Rope Bracelet by Selini


A contemporary bracelet that can be worn with casual or formal wear. The Rope Bracelet is made in-house by award winning jeweller Robin Girling and is designed to be discreet yet identifiable with a refined high quality aesthetic.

Each piece is manufactured from Katan steel produced by Robin that is heat treated to increase hardness, strength and durability. It's Katan steel 'rope' bracelet is extremely strong and is secured via a unique screw thread bead clasp.

Available in black, gold and graphite PVD coated finishes, in either matt or satin.

Katan Bracelets by SeliniKATAN

The hardening process
Katan Bracelet manufacture
Katan uses premium grade silver steel as a foundation. This steel has unique properties and can be made extremely hard with heat treatment. Katan is also used due to its excellent adhering qualities with PVD coatings and its low temperature welding properties.
Katan manufacture

Bead Clasp

Made to be worn

The Rope Bracelet is designed to be worn permanently and requires assistance to fasten and release the 'screw thread' bead clasp.

Katan Bracelet clasp


Pick a colour, any colour
PVD coatings Selini Katan Bracelet Katan is available in a PVD coated finish, this is how a black, gold or grey colour is achieved. The way in which the surface is refined creates a semi-polished satin or matt finish.