Selini Katan manufacture

Ultra Hard Steel

Katan is a unique steel alloy developed and manufactured in house by Robin, specially created for PVD coated jewellery. It is impervious to corrosion, hypoallergenic and extremely hard wearing, with specific characteristics that make it the perfect material for this type of jewellery.

Selini Eternal


The hardening process
Katan manufacture

Katan steel is a specialist steel alloy developed in house.  This steel has unique properties and can be made extremely hard with heat treatment. Katan is also used due to its excellent adhering properties with PVD coatings.


Ultra hard wearing coatings
Katan Bracelets by SeliniPhysical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is an ultra hard wearing colourful coating which creates a dramatic effect to each piece. The way in which the surface is refined further enhances the colour making it more vivid or muted depending on how it's polished.
Selini molten gold
Selini Eternal

Katan Steel can be welded and assembled at lower temperatures when compared to traditional precious metals like platinum, gold and silver. This enables Robin to encapsulate delicate materials like ashes and even hair.