Eternal by Selini


Commemorate cherished memories of a loved one in a contemporary, timeless piece. The Eternal pendant is specifically designed to encapsulate delicate materials like ashes and hair. Alternatively, the pendant material has such a high melting temperature that it can encapsulate melted precious metals inside.


Due to the irreplaceable nature of the item to be encapsulated we prefer it to be delivered to our workshop in person. Once your order has been placed we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for drop off, if this cannot be done in person alternative arrangements can be organised.  A completion date will be agreed with you before any order is processed.
Selini Eternal ashes collection


Eternal jewellery is made from Katan Steel. This material was developed initially by Robin on an experimental basis for a specialist jewellery project. It is extremely durable and designed to last a lifetime.  Katan is also used due to its excellent adhering properties with PVD coatings.

Discovery more about Katan and how it’s made here.
Katan Steel by Selini


The Eternal capsule being made from Katan can be welded together at a low enough temperature so delicate materials like ashes, hair are not damaged during the encapsulation process. The capsule however is so durable that precious metals like gold can be melted and poured inside.
Selini Eternal Jewellery

Once the precious contents are received Robin will encapsulate within the Eternal capsule ready finishing.

Hair encapsulation by Selini Jewellery
Eternal encapsulation process


The PVD coated finish (Physical Vapour Deposition) is what makes each pendant either black or gold or graphite in colour. The way in which the surface is refined creates a polished, semi-polished satin or contemporary matt finish.
Eternal Pendants