Katan Jewellery by Selini


Katan is a range of jewellery made from a unique in-house developed steel alloy by Robin Girling a multiple GC&DC Award winning craftsman and Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (accreditation for the very best jewellery craftspeople in the UK).

The Rope Bracelet

Designed as a contemporary bracelet that can be worn with casual or formal wear. The Rope Bracelet is made in-house by Robin and is discreet yet identifiable with a high quality refined aesthetic.

The Eternal Pendant 

A stylish, contemporary piece of unisex memorial jewellery. Made of Katan, the Eternal Pendant is perfect for encapsulating delicate materials like ashes and hair. Alternatively, Katan has such a high melting temperature it can also encapsulate melted precious metals.

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